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Insanely Good... Incredibly Unique


Our sauces are insanely good and incredibly unique. There's really nothing else like them on the market and they are among the most versatile food products you can buy. They blend very well with other condiments like sour cream, hummus, and even ranch dressing. Stir the sauce into your chili, pasta dishes, or anything to which you might consider adding some seasoning and a little bit of heat. Of course, it's an absolutely awesome dip all by itself, straight out of the jar. There are literally dozens of situations where our sauces can take your food from good to great. 

It's About the Sauce

What began as a homemade good sold at a local farmer’s market, quickly evolved into a highly sought after and wildly addictive household staple. Our Texas Green Sauces are locally made in East Texas and sold in various locations throughout the Tyler area, as well as online. The "Original" version begins with whole, fresh jalapeño peppers which are sliced and hand scraped. The peppers are then roasted to perfection before being fused with fresh cilantro and garlic, seasonings, and lime juice. Our "HOT" version boasts the same blueprint with the addition of just enough fresh habanero peppers to accomplish a flavor that holds true to the "Original" but ups the ante on the heat.

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